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Communication & Connection - DISC

The Communication & Connection - DISC Training Program (aka Taking Flight with DISC) is a high-energy training experience where individuals learn about themselves and others. This program makes self-awareness simple and intuitive, enabling people to easily remember the styles and apply new skills. The result is that participants are able to flex their style to communicate more effectively and respectfully with the people in their lives.

Prior to the training program, participants complete the online DISC Profile Assessment. The personalized report is distributed in the session and will help individuals understand their natural tendencies, needs, strengths and potential blind spots. The report offers powerful insights into dealing with other styles and how people can better manage through potentially difficult situations.

Veterans Pavilion

801 5th Ave W

Dickinson, ND

Cost: $125


October 26, 2022
1:00 - 5:00 mst

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