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Business Owners/Sales Professionals

Whether you are new to the business arena or been at it for quite some time, the responsibility of running your business falls on your shoulders.  Running your own business is a big hill to climb and it can feel lonely, isolating, uncertain and overwhelming.  The good news is you don't have to do it alone.  Having support from a business coach is like having a best friend who speaks your business language.  I am passionate about helping business owners and sales professionals reach the top of the mountain and beyond.  

I will work with you personally, with your leadership team, or your entire staff to maximize your talents and reach your goals.

Life Coaching

Too often we struggle with goal clarity or identifying the obstacles that are holding us back.  By utilizing life coaching we will uncover the strategies for overcoming these obstacles and be able to identify what you are truly designed to accomplish in your life.  By making the most of your strengths and gifts I will provide the support you need to achieve long lasting life change.  You will experience greater fulfillment in your career, relationships, and your day-to-day life.

*  All services are available face to face or virtually.


DISC Training

"Discover a new approach to the DISC model.  Experience the personality styles in a way that will help you better understand yourself and others, enhance leadership, manage conflict, and generate sales.  

We all know that individuals who are self-aware are more likely to maximize their talents, more effectively recognize and manage their challenges, and produce better results. Self-aware people work better with their colleagues and promote teamwork at every level of your organization. In return, your company experiences higher morale, lower turnover, and better results.

Everyone, whether they realize it or not (and most do not), is a co-creator of workplace culture. When people understand their own personality and behavioral style and show respect for individual differences, they impact the culture in a very positive way. By applying the wisdom of the styles, each person improves the culture, one interaction at a time." (

This program is just the beginning of learning to communicate more effectively to build relationships with others.  Groups of 8-100+ people will learn and have a few laughs while doing it.  

*  All services are available face to face or virtually.


Lunch and Learn and Connection Groups

Lunch and Learn sessions are bite-size trainings.  In the time it takes to have lunch you and your team can enhance your culture, grow your skills, generate sales, and improve communication.

Connection Groups offer a combination of education, brainstorming, peer accountability and support in a peer-to-peer setting that will sharpen your business and personal skills.  They consist of a weekly meeting for 5-10 weeks.  Connection groups give participants the opportunity to learn from one another.  Participants support and encourage one another to set strong goals, develop effective strategies and ultimately achieve success.


 *  All services are available face to face or virtually.

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